Friday, May 29, 2015

Baby Chunks

Little Annalise is growing like a weed!  I loved visiting with her this past weekend.  Can't get enough!

Growing Up

Vivi has really grown up!  Each time I see her, she had new ideas, is speaking new words, and is making new discoveries.  It is so fun watching her grow up!

Patiently Waiting

I have a sprinkling of spring blooms that I've captured in photos here, but I'm patiently waiting for my full garden to bloom!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Charles Has a Home!

Last weekend I introduced Charles to his longer-term foster home at my parents' house.  He was a bit nervous initially, but it didn't take him long at all to find his way around the house and then through the broken screen on the front porch, and on to explore his outdoor world as well.  I was feeling sad as I said my good-bye to him because this cat has worked his way into my heart like crazy.

Two days later, I received a note on my desk that one of our Willow Mill clients is interested in meeting Charles.  I set up a "date" the following day for Charles and Butch (the owner's other FIV+ cat) at the office with apprehension about the location, since most cats coming into the hospital are pretty nervous.  I wasn't very hopeful, especially after having several people very interested in Charles and then having them back out.

However, the date ended up going fabulously!  Charles came into the room and curious Butch came out of his carrier.  They touched noses, and continuing exploring the room together.  There was a single hiss from Butch, but I don't honestly know if Charles even noticed; he was completely unphased and unreactive.  It seemed as though these two would get along just fine!

Butch's owner was also happy with the interaction and offered to take Charles home that day!  I was taken slightly off-guard, but I had already said my long good-bye to Charles a few days earlier.  I packed up his things, scheduled a follow-up appointment for his vaccine booster and microchip (Yes, I will see him next week!), and walked him out to the car.

I talked with Charles' new owner the other day and he's doing fine.  That was wonderful news!  Charles and Butch are still working things out, but his owner didn't have any concerns and certainly no intentions of returning Charles to me.  The owner did say that I hadn't been kidding about Charles' obsession with food, and that Charles had managed to eat all the cat food in the house!  Well, I'm glad I warned him, but shame on Charles for the overindulgence!

I am so happy that Charles is now in a stable home.  I felt like the month and a half that I had him was probably stressful for him even though he seemed to take it all in stride- moving inside, staying in a kennel or room by himself, then traveling several times a week to the vet for boarding, then off to a brand new home with new pet parents.  It was quite a whirlwind for him, and for me.  I struggled so much to do the best that I could for him while negotiating a house full of animals and my husband!  I could not have asked for a better outcome, though, and he holds a huge place in my heart, that "little chubs!"  A special thanks to all involved, especially my mom for her support, and coworker, Ali, who ultimately found him his new home.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Home for Charles

I've been silent on my blog recently and instead started a new blog for this guy -!  Charles was a stray that came to my home nightly for about a week.  He was very interested in my cats, causing quite a commotion among my household.  I brought him in to the vet to check for a microchip, have him examined and test him for FeLV and FIV.  Unfortunately, he came up FIV (feline aids) positive.  His health exam was fine, though, and we moved forward with his neuter surgery.

I knew I needed to find him a home and that the search would not be easy.  There are so many cats that need homes and Charles needs a special one.  Ideally, I would want to find him a single cat home.  I tried without success to get a rescue organization to take him in to foster him, but they're not able to do so because he is FIV+.  I've been doing everything I can to spread the word and get his photos shared - on Facebook, online, and on community boards in local stores, libraries, etc.

I can't give up hope, but we're approaching about 6 weeks since he joined my home temporarily.  He's definitely one too many and I do have to keep him separate from the other cats unless I'm supervising them.  I've been crossing my fingers and toes daily for him!!

He's the best cat ever and I wish I could have the room to keep him!!

Blue Apron

I decided to sign up for the Blue Apron, meal delivery service.  Each week you receive a box full of ingredients to make three homemade meals.  When I received my first box, I was amazed at the freshness and commented that I haven't seen this much green in my house for quite some time!  The recipes are easy to follow and the meals have been delicious.  I'm not the best cook but I haven't messed them up yet!  I'm looking forward to more recipes in the future, but will probably plan for the delivery every other week.  It seems crazy, but I almost didn't get the third recipe cooked!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby Quilt

I had a wonderful time quilting this baby quilt for my niece.  The entire quilting experience is so rewarding, especially when you add the extra effort of hand quilting.  I love how the project begins as a rough sketch, then moves to a colorful fabric selection usually consisting of both winners and losers, then morphs into the pieced creation.  Once the top is pieced together, the hand-quilting adds another dimension, physically and figuratively.  I love how the quilting adds the final stability to the quilt and brings it all together.  I spend many hours quilting and when I do, I usually spend that time thinking about the quilt recipient.  Two of my three hand-quilted quilts have gone to my unborn nieces, so it's a lot of fun thinking about their future! Each quilt has a special part in my heart and I love that!