Thursday, November 20, 2014

New York City

Zach and I found some time to visit NYC and we enjoyed a lovely, cold weekend in the city.  We visited the 9/11 Museum and we saw the musical, Wicked.  We also had to roll out of the city after all the fabulous food we ate!

Friday, November 7, 2014


This year Remy received quite a few compliments on his costume as Waldo.  Unfortunately, he wasn't fond of wearing it, so yet again, there was no prize for us at the costume contest at Bark in the Park.  Oh well, this year I had the pleasure of Mom, Dad, Mel and Viv joining us for the walk and that was a lot of fun!  Viv was really quite comfortable in her skunk costume and couldn't have been any cuter if she tried!

We also went trick or treating downtown Carlisle at local businesses.  Viv wasn't quite into it, but was much more content when she go her seaweed treat.  Who knew you could tame a cranky child with seaweed rather than candy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I finally got around to taking a photo of my front door decorations for fall. I've had the area done for a while now and as you can see, the corn shocks are already on their way out!  Oh well, tomorrow is trick or treat night and then they can come down.

I made the wreath and am quite pleased with how it turned out. Those are felt flowers and they are super simple to create. (Sorry the photos aren't the best- took them with my phone as I was leaving for work. )

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I got to visit this cutie last weekend.  She is growing so much, I can hardly believe it!  We enjoyed trips to music class and the Please Touch Museum.  She has quite the personality and it's fun to see her making new discoveries about what she can do and the world around her.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I took a few days off after Labor Day to work on some sewing projects.  I stayed dedicated to sewing both days, but I didn't get all of my projects done.  Unfortunately for me, my list continues to grow as I find so many fun ideas on Pinterest and then the list never is completed!  Oh's a look at what I did finish.

This is a travel/outdoor blanket that I quilted using a Modern Quilting technique.  The design was a bit abstract/improvised. I had fun doing it but I'm not sure that it's my absolute favorite.  I did manage to stay within a tight budget, spending only $10.50 on the entire quilt.  That makes me happy!

I refashioned an ill-fitting sweater into a cardigan.  The next one I try won't have the button loops.  It looks kind of silly if it's not buttoned and I rarely button my cardigans.

I hope this small bag/purse for Vivi will be one that she can enjoy now.  It's just a simple felt bag and a monogram using a fabric marker.

Another skirt for Vivi using knits.  It's the first time I worked with sewing knits and while I think it turned out alright, I will definitely need to practice more.

Other projects that I also worked on...
- Mel and Thom's quilt:  I found fabric for the sashing that I think will work out well, but I didn't do any sewing.
- Second skirt for Viv: I cut out the wrong width of fabric so I don't think that this skirt will fit.  I'll hope to see her this weekend, so I'll see if it was successful or not.
- T-shirt refashion:  I tried to refashion a small t-shirt, but I probably started this project too late at night.  I sewed up both sides and then realized that I went to a different seam on each side.  Fail!  Might go back to it, or just start fresh with another shirt!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Home Improvements

Mom and I worked on painting the house shutters and front door.  We also enlisted the help of my dad and Zach, making it a family project this Labor Day weekend.  I'm really pleased with the results so far!  We will still have a second coat of paint to complete on the second level and I would like to work on the entryway.


Zach successfully finished his PSU degree! We had a great time visiting PSU main campus and a lovely visit with the Volgstadt's.  Hard to believe we're now a family of PSU grads!